A pair of Braunton women have successfully completed the Marathon Des Sables for North Devon Hospice and Children’s Hospice South West.

Two Braunton women have successfully completed a gruelling, six-day marathon across the desert.

Alison Little and Wendy Dale finished as the 77th and 78th out of 233 women, alongside 1,200 participants, in the Marathon Des Sables.

The race is billed as the toughest foot-race on earth, with the pair running 258km in 50'C heat over gruelling terrain.

Alison said: "Carrying all our equipment was a challenge on the first couple of days, but it did gradually get lighter the more we ate.

"We had on average 2,300 calories per day in the form of granola and freeze-dried meals; we did not take a stove so made everything with cold water.

"Water was rationed but we found we had plenty and never ran out; you could ask for more water but you would get a time penalty.

"We have both suffered with blisters but they are starting to heal, that was the only injury - we got used to the heat pretty quick."

All money raised by the pair will go towards North Devon Hospice and Children's Hospice South West.