A Liberal Democrat one-two has seen Derrick Spear and Adam Bradford elected in the braunton district and parish by-election

The Liberal Democrat team campaigning for Braunton EastThe Liberal Democrat team campaigning for Braunton East

The Liberal Democrats have made a by election clean sweep in Braunton, Derrick Spear was elected as the new district councillor for Braunton East and Adam Bradford was elected to Braunton Parish Council.

The seats were vacant after long serving councillor Roy Lucas stood down.

In a fairly close contest, Mr Spear polled 459 votes ahead of the Green Party’s Brad Bunyard on 387, with Felix Milton (Conservative) on 225 and Mark Cann (Labour) on 165. The turn out was 41 per cent.

A close battle also saw Mr Bradford took the parish seat with 546, followed by Amy Sherwin for the Green Party on 496 and Labour’s Simon Scott on 147.

Derrick Spear has served previously as a district councillor and also on Devon County Council.

This election saw him campaign on the issues of increasing traffic congestion and air pollution in Braunton, as well as continuing to ensure flooding was minimised.

He also wants to tackle over development in the area but also the issue of a lack of affordable homes.

He wishes to ensure Braunton Medical Centre is protected and has said there is still time to save RMB Chivenor from closure.

After the result, Mr Bunyard said: “I’m very pleased with the turn out, it shows that people really care about our local issues. It demonstrates the growth of Green support in North Devon.

“Congratulations to Adam and Derrick and my heartfelt thanks to everyone that took the time to vote.”

Mr Bradford, a 43-year-old solicitor, said he had similar concerns.

He added: “I understand the importance of working together with other elected representatives and the need to listen in order to effectively deal with local issues. I use my skills as an experienced lawyer.

“I love Braunton and we are fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of North Devon. We need to protect what makes this place so special to us. I am a “green” Liberal Democrat, and I am very proud that my Party have always been by far the most environmentally aware and forward thinking of the major political parties in this country.”