Braunton is preparing for the first district council by election in six years

Braunton goes to the polls on Thursday, November 2 for district and parish by-elections.

The seats are vacant following the resignation of long-standing North Devon Council (NDC) and Braunton Parish Council member Roy Lucas.

Standing for election to NDC are Derrick Spear (Liberal Democrats), Mark Cann (Labour), Brad Bunyard (Green) and Felix Milton (Conservative).

Parish is being contested by Amy Sherwin (Green), Adam Bradford (Liberal Democrats) and Simon Scott (Labour).

At district level, Braunton Academy graduate and Conservative Felix Milton, 23, is keen to tackle the air pollution problem in Braunton and is working with county councillor Caroline Chugg and North Devon councillor Rodney Cann.

He also wants to do more to prevent flooding, to protect Braunton from excess housing development and campaign for fairer funding for schools.

Derrick Spear, --, is current Braunton Parish Council chairman and has previously served as a Liberal Democrat district and county councillor.

He is keen to prevent Knowle being taken out of Braunton as part of a proposed boundary review.

He wants to deal with traffic congestion and over development, coupled with a lack of affordable homes, plus continue the fight for RMB Chivenor and protect the village medical centre.

Representing Labour, Mark Cann, 66, has stood as his party's General Election candidate on multiple occasions.

He thinks it is time for Braunton to be represented by a fresh voice and says the 'lack of affordable housing and decently paid employment' are major issues.

Mr Cann says there are too many zero hours contracts and too few houses built and wants to see the district council promote the local economy.

Green Party candidate Brad Bunyard is 37 has served as a parish councillor since 2015. He said: "We have a good opportunity to do really good things and make Braunton a great place to grow up and grow old."

He wants to focus on air quality, as well as greener transport solutions such as cycling and making sure facilities are in place to accommodate this, plus more things to do for the 12-21 age group.

**** In the coming days we will be bringing you a focus piece on each candidate *****