Braunton Academy installs a defibrillator

Fund raising from staff ensures school can buy life saving equipment.

LIFE-SAVING equipment has been installed at Braunton Academy after staff raised enough money to buy the school a defibrillator.

The devices, which deliver an electric charge to restart the heart, dramatically increase the chance of survival in someone who has suffered cardiac arrest.

Early resuscitation and prompt defibrillation within one to two minutes can result in a more than 60 per cent survival rate.

Seven members of staff have received training in its use and cardio pulmonary resuscitation by Shaun Kershaw, first aid trainer for HR Solutions in Barnstaple.

Fund raising for a defibrillator began during the school summer holidays where three staff swam 25 kilometres at Barnstaple leisure centre.

“The defibrillator has been available for use since Thursday, and although we hope we don’t need to use it, if we do it could save a life,” said principal David Sharratt.

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