Emma Massingale, 32, to film survival documentary on remote, unihabited island.

An intrepid adventurer from Bradworthy is following in the footsteps of Bear Grylls by filming a new survival documentary on an uninhabited Irish island.

Emma Massingale, 32, will be marooned on Freaghillaun South where she will attempt to subsist for an entire month without a support crew or camera team.

The 70-acre island, off the wild Connemara coast is buffeted by 70mph winds, and its exposed position in the Atlantic Ocean.

Emma, who will have basic provisions such as a tent, will film her experience on a GoPro and handheld camera.

The Island Project will then be published in a series of blogs, and also used for a planned feature film.

Emma said: “Freaghillaun South is about as remote as any place in Western Europe can be, and there’s no question that I’m apprehensive about what will happen.

“I’ve a feeling that the isolation and loneliness will be more difficult to cope with than the physical strains.

“It’s a long time to be on your own in the middle of nowhere.

“Men do not have the monopoly on the survival arena, and I look forward to flying the flag for British girl power.”

Emma, who is an accomplished rock climber and avid mountaineer, is also well known for her stunt horse riding.

You can log on to Emma’s website where her live ‘Island Cam’ will mean people can join her on her adventure at: ww.theislandproject.emmamassingale.com.