Boulders in place to limit Burrows erosion

Council puts temporary measures in place ahead of this week’s spring tides.

TEMPORARY fortification work was been completed at Northam Burrows in a bid to limit further erosion ahead of this week’s high tides.

Contractors have gathered pebbles and placed them up against an area of coastline where rubbish from the old tip was exposed during last month’s high waters.

Large boulders were also laid against a geo-textile membrane which is hoped will allow the tidal waters to flow freely in and out, while keeping the layer of rubbish – as well as sediment and other rocks – in place.

The pebbles now make a gentle gradient down to the beach and will be contained to some extent, by the large boulders.

Councillor Barry Parsons, leader of Torridge District Council, said: “Under the present circumstances a great deal has been done to protect the sand dunes from the high tides and to halt erosion in the medium term at this point on the beach.

“Our engineer and contractors have worked hard to make sure everything is in place before the next high tides are due.”

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The next high tides at Northam Burrows are due from Tuesday, November 13.

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