Bottomless bucket

We should work with nature to provide electricity and it should be for everyone’s use.

I was taught at school that many rivers rise in the hills and run towards the sea. Can they not be harnessed by the clever engineers we have in this country to produce enough electricity to supply homes and businesses along the way at a fair cost?

We live on an island; surely the tides can provide another source of electricity without disturbing the natural balance of corals, fish and marine life?

We have it all in this country, why do we let big companies outside our control, rip us off all the time?

Is it because our nation is ruled by a government presiding in one place – London?

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Is it because people pretend not to see what is happening?

Is it because everything has got so removed from the ordinary man at the bottom, all politicians can use is words, empty meaningless words?

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Wind turbines are heavily subsidised by us, the taxpayer, or not one would have been built, and it takes 100 years to recover the carbon produced in the manufacture, establishment and maintenance of one large turbine, which has a life span of 25 years.

Why put money into a bottomless bucket for the rich to prosper at the cost of the majority?

We are being conned; we are never given the true facts, otherwise we wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.

SM Nutton.

North Devon

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