Families evacuated after unexploded bomb was reported in Clovelly Road area of Bideford.

Bomb disposal experts have been called to deactivate an unexploded bomb in the front garden of a Bideford home.

People living in the Hawthorn Park area of the town are understood to have been evacuated from their homes at around tea time today (Monday) after police were called by a concerned home owner at around 5.30pm.

There are unconfirmed reports that the device was recovered by fishermen on Saturday and was believed to be a World War One or World War Two shell.

Police were only alerted after the device was identified by a family member.

Arriving at the scene, officers set up a 30 metre cordon and evacuated neighbouring properties for safety.

It is understood bomb disposal experts showed up shortly before 8.30pm and safely removed the device.

Russel Rogers, who called the police initially, said he wanted to apologise to everyone who had been asked to evacuate.

He said: “As a family would like to apologise to our neighbours that were asked to leave their properties, but we did what we felt was right in calling the police.”