Devon County Council recently cut the service which sees Barnstaple’s pedestrian areas closed off to vehicles.

Barnstaple Town Council is appealing for volunteers to help maintain the town’s pedestrian areas.

The council, along with Barnstaple Town Centre Management has picked up the service which sees bollards put in place and taken out between 10am and 4pm each day on the High Street and Cross Street.

Devon County Council (DCC) withdrew funding for the service, with the saving thought to be around £11,000.

The service ceased on March 31, two weeks after Barnstaple Town Centre management claim to have been informed of the change.

An interim agreement had been reached to maintain the service until now, but the town council is looking for volunteers for a long-term solution.

Town clerk Will Austin said: “It’s another example of where the county council has made a service reduction without consulting local councils - and it has to stop.

“We understand they need to make changes, but to do it in this manner at short notice causes unnecessary chaos.”

A spokesman for DCC said: “In December 2013 Devon County Council announced its intention to withdraw financial support from the service because of cuts in the available budget.

“Funding was found to enable the service to continue until March 31 2016. Barnstaple Town Centre Management has been operating the service since April 1 2016.

“The county council have offered to support this process financially in the first year and discussions are underway to establish an effective transition.”