Poll: 90 new homes have been proposed for the outskirts of Bishops Tawton - tell us what you think

Plans have been lodged for 90 homes in a new development at Bishops Tawton.

The application from John Taylor seeks to create the residential development on a five hectare site on land next to Whitemoor Grange and near Whitemoor Hill on the outskirts of the village.

The highest part of the land is identified in the application as public open space with ‘a limited number of dwellings’ below this which it says will minimise intrusion.

The rest of the site would be made up of one, two, three and four bedroom units with 25-30 per cent as affordable housing.

A statement with the application says the land has been identified as suitable for residential development by North Devon Council.

The statement says this will provide an important contribution to the council’s housing requirements.

It added: ‘Rather than shaping the development to fit a prescribed total number of dwellings or density, the proposed development has been informed by a range of factors including the site’s physical capacity, its position within the wider landscape and local housing needs.

‘It is considered that the proposed development strikes an appropriate balance between each of these considerations’.#

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