Bingo agreement will help Braunton good causes

Organisations in the village agree to standardise the way they run Friday night bingo, to benefit players and help return the proceeds to the community.

A BRAUNTON bingo “pact” has been struck so that most organisations in the village run their bingo sessions in the same way and help raise more money for small local groups.

It follows a meeting of the main organisations that run Friday night bingo at the Parish Hall, aimed at preventing a migration of players to other towns.

Jasmine Chesters, who co-ordinated the effort, said the meeting was aimed at discussing ways forward so that all sessions were uniform, because not everyone organised their sessions in the same way.

“Many players had become disgruntled that some organisations were not paying out as much as they should have,” she said.

“They have felt aggrieved and left the village to find other places to play. This has been difficult for those who paid out good money and had terrific raffles.

“Remember that any money made by those running the bingos is used to help their associations keep going or to support nominated charities.”

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At the meeting it was decided a trial period would take place, with most organisations agreeing to implement several changes.

Sessions will now play 10 games, with a standard entry fee of �1, to include the usual cup of tea and biscuits but with an additional free raffle ticket to give players a chance to win six game books for the next session they attend.

Mrs Chesters has booked several additional Friday bingo nights for the Parish Hall, where all proceeds after expenses would be put into a grant pot for small village groups and organisations.

“I’m prepared to do it because I know those who come along will still have their night out, but the money will go back into the village,” she said.

“I would like small organisations such as play groups to come to us if they need small amounts of funding, such as for a project or to help with running costs.”

There is bingo at the Parish Hall this Friday (February 17.) Doors open at 6.30pm and eyes down 7.45.

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