A Bideford woman who caused suffering to a thoroughbred horse has been given a community order.

Polly's hind hooves were found to have untreated abscesses. Picture: RSPCAPolly's hind hooves were found to have untreated abscesses. Picture: RSPCA

Jane Hunt, 52, from Welcombe was found guilty of two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to Polly, the thoroughbred mare.

She was sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £835 in costs and surcharges at a hearing at North Devon Magistrates’ Court on Friday, August 3. She has also had the horse seized.

The case was brought after RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Suzy Hannaby visited a field in Welcombe in response to reports about a thin horse.

DCI Hannaby said: “I found poor Polly in an emaciated condition, just skin and bones, with untreated abscesses in both of her hind hooves.

“To allow this young horse to get into such a shocking state was inexcusable. As well as being extremely thin and undernourished, she had abscesses in both her hind hooves, making walking very painful.

“She was being kept in a field with little grazing available and with no extra food provided.

“When the vet examined Polly, she advised that the mare was suffering and needed immediate attention, so we were given authorisation to remove her from the field and take her into the RSPCA’s care.

“Thoroughbreds are not easy horses to keep, especially during the winter, yet are unfortunately too easy to pick up for little to no money. We often find them in the hands of those who are completely inexperienced or unequipped to deal with their needs.”