Town councillors decides not to stand for re-election after 12 years as he says council has become ‘paralysed’.

A former Bideford mayor will not be standing for re-election on the town council after 12 years.

Andy Powell (right) said he felt the council had become ‘paralysed’ in the last four years and was ‘disillusioned’.

He said: “I am tired of the politics. The only people that bother to vote are the ones that are polictically active.

“Come May 15, my life in Bideford and everything I have tried to do will effectively come to an end.

“I’m not sorry to leave it, because I have come to realise those that could help Bideford simply can’t be bothered, or can’t afford to.”

Andy, who was mayor in 2009 - 2010, said the 2010 twinning with Manteo and the Tour of Britain starting in Bideford had been the high points of his career on the town council.

“Back then, you actually had some power to make a real change,” he added.