Bideford town council fights for flag poles

Bideford town council are fighting to put up flag poles in Jubilee Square after they were labelled ‘clutter’

PLANS TO erect three flag poles on Jubilee Square in Bideford have been labelled as ‘clutter’ by Devon County Council.

Bideford Town Council heard on Thursday that Devon County Council had dismissed the request to put up the 30ft flag poles.

Cllr Roger Vanstone was outraged, and said: “Unless they have got a real objection on some technicality, we want our flags.”

All of the councillors were angered by the county council’s objections to the flag poles, which forms part of the regeneration project.

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Cllr David Howell emphasized that with Jubilee Square being cobbled in February-March, the area needs something above ground level to ‘lift it up’.

The councillors voted to keep pushing Devon County Council for permission to erect the flag poles in Jubilee Square.

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The original agenda of the meeting stated that the council were to choose which flags should be flown from the poles.

This point will be raised for consideration at a later date.

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