A Bideford taxi driver says something must be done after large rocks were thrown at his car from a bridge,

Andy Short, of Avva Cab taxi company in Bideford, said one of his drivers ‘could have been killed’ after a rock thrown on his car narrowly missed the windscreen.

The driver was passing outside of the Royal Hotel in East-the-Water, when the rock was thrown from the bridge above the road, on the evening of December 21.

Andy said: “My driver was just going past the hotel when some youths were throwing boulders over the bridge.

“Two of them hit the car, the driver had passengers at the time and they were screaming and absolutely terrified.

One of the bricks very narrowly missed the top of the windscreen.One of the bricks very narrowly missed the top of the windscreen.

“It scared him to death and he had to go home after it happened because he was all shook up.

“If he was going any slower or was picking someone up from the hotel he could have been killed.”

One of the rocks struck the roof of the car while the other narrowly missed the top of the windscreen and the two dents left by the rocks could cost hundreds-of-pounds to repair.

And it is not the first time this has happened. Dean Bevis, of All Area Taxis, said a bonnet on one of his company’s vehicles had to be replaced after a similar incident the same night.

The damage caused to the roof of the taxi by one of the bricks.The damage caused to the roof of the taxi by one of the bricks.

“It was about 1.30 in the morning and two young lads threw a black bin bag of rocks off the bridge and it landed on the bonnet of the car,” he said.

“The driver was shook up. By the time he got out all he could see was two boys in puffa jackets running away.

“I’ve had to replace the bonnet and it’s probably caused about £300 worth of damage.”

Andy said he understood there were four incidents over the space of two nights.

The damage caused to the All Area Taxis vehicle.The damage caused to the All Area Taxis vehicle.

He added: “If it was an elderly person it might give them a heart attack; I dread to think. Someone is going to end up killed.”

Janet Williams, environmental health and community safety manager for Torridge District Council, said: “We have received a report concerning this activity and it has been suggested that other taxi drivers have experienced similar events.

“We are currently making enquiries and will pass any findings onto the police and would encourage any drivers affected by this to also log this with the police since it is a matter they will need to handle and investigate.

“We do of course share the concerns of drivers regarding this irresponsible and very dangerous behaviour.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said no incidents had been logged with them on that evening.