Bideford will be getting a brand new concrete skate park which is hoped to become a ‘destination’ for visitors.

Councillors unanimously approved the plans yesterday (Thursday) which will see the new park constructed at the Sports Ground.

The new park at Kingsley Road will replace the current skate park at Bank End.

At Torridge District Council’s (TDC) plans committee meeting, councillors heard how the skate park will be ‘family orientated’.

It will be constructed of special noise-reducing concrete, and noise-reduction measures such as fencing and trees will be put in place to shield residents from disturbance.

The skate park ramp in use in Bideford.The skate park ramp in use in Bideford.

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Resident Colin Matthews spoke against the plans, and said: “I like to sit out in my garden and relax but all I’m going to hear is skate boards going up and down and banging.”

Mr Matthews said he was also concerned about bad language, as he has two young great-grandchildren who often play in his garden.

As part of their move to approve the plans, councillors agreed a new noise assessment would be carried out once the park is in place.

They also agreed the lights would be turned off at 9pm, rather than 10pm as stated on the application.

The site of the new skate park in Bideford Sports Ground.The site of the new skate park in Bideford Sports Ground.

Councillor Jane Whittaker said: “We’re trying to make absolutely sure we do the best we possibly can for everybody, for the residents and young people.

“They will have the opportunity not to travel to Hatherleigh to use a concrete skate park; I’m delighted.”

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