Bideford seeks new exports as logs move to Yelland

Bideford is seeking new exports.

Bideford is seeking new exports. - Credit: Archant

Torridge District Council is estimated to lose £36k in revenue but will retain pilotage fees.

BIDEFORD is seeking new exports after timber harvesters and exporters Euroforest has confirmed it will now be exporting from Yelland Quay.

The move is set to lose Torridge District Council an estimated £36k in revenue, although pilotage fees will be retained.

The company, which has been exporting from Bideford for two years, first berthed at Yelland Quay in January, in what was said at the time to be a trial run.

The harbour service said it would see how the ship fared using the quay, with the view to using both ports to increase the tidal window for ship arrivals.

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But after two months of operating from Yelland, Euroforest have now decided to move all its exports there, stating it is easier to store logs closer to the berth.

Yelland also has a larger sailing window, with the water one metre deeper than at Bideford.

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Roger Hoad, Bideford harbour master, said: “Torridge District Councils’ pilotage service remains as the only service now provided to the ships that use Yelland.

“The log exports were a popular spectacle for many locals and visitors alike, and raised the company profile of Euroforest.

“The moving of Euroforest to Yelland opens up the possibility of another cargo for the quay at Bideford.

“Harbour staff are actively seeking a commodity that continues to help relieve the congested long distance road routes by using coastal shipping (each ship saves over 100 lorry loads) and provide local work and spending at the port.”

The harbour service is currently exploring the options to improve storage.

Earlier this month the Gazette reported Torridge District Council had submitted a planning application to temporarily store logs in the former Bideford Cattle Market for five years. This application has now been withdrawn.

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