Bideford Sea Cadets have received a £12,000 funding boost to purchase a new boat engine and refurbish their building.

The sea cadets received the £12,368 through Torridge District Council’s New Homes Bonus funding.

Now in its third year, the scheme has seen over 90 local projects benefit from financial support and over £750,000 invested in to various projects and schemes.

The grant provided to the Sea Cadets was done so in two phases.

The first round of funding saw the cadets receive money for the purchase of a new engine for their safety boat allowing them to provide more waterborne training out on the water at any one time.

The second round of money enabled the cadets to refurbish their building and facilities.

New safety fencing was purchased and erected to secure the vast array of equipment. New roofing was also put in place to prevent leakages as well as new hand dryers being purchased for the changing facilities.

Councillor Peter Christie presented the cheque to the cadets and said: “As an ex-Merchant Navy man myself, I am always glad to see another success for the Sea Cadets.

“The local group has grown enormously since occupying their new building and I am sure I speak for everyone on the council when I say what a pleasure it has been to help with their on-going fundraising.”

Stuart Towers, unit chairman, said: “With the help of the New Homes Bonus grant from Torridge District Council we have managed to bring our building up to date therefore making it a more safe/healthy and secure environment for our many cadets and volunteer staff.

“A new engine for our safety boat was also purchased with the help of this scheme which ensures the continuing safety of the cadets when on waterborne activities.”