Two Bideford school and merged and donated their old uniforms to help families in Africa.

Pupils at West Croft School have donated their old school jumpers to the Oxfam shop in Bideford.

Pynes Infant and Nursery and West Croft Junior School merged to become West Croft School in September and recently launched their new logo and uniform for the primary school.

The school chose to donate its old uniforms to Oxfam to help third world communities.

Alex Lo, Oxfam shop manager, said: “It is particularly thoughtful of the parents and the school to show such commitment and responsibility.

“Because of it, children, families and communities are being empowered, lives are being saved, and inequality is being challenged and fought so that women and girls are being educated.”

All of the donations received will either be sold in the shop or sent to Oxfam’s WasteSaver recycling plant.

There, they will be sorted and can be sent to one of Oxfam’s specialist retail channels, including pop-up festival shops or its Frip Ethique programme in Senegal.