Kayla’s Big Bash raised £640 for The Link Centre in Bideford

Musicians and friends gathered at The Joiners Arms in Bideford to raise money in memory of a much-loved pub regular.

Kayla’s Big Bash raised £640 in memory of Michaela Squires, who died very suddenly and unexpectedly.

Landlady Kathy Smith said: “Kayla was one of our dear friends and well loved customers who sang and played at our open mic.

“Her chosen charity was the Link Centre in Bideford and we all decided it would be nice to have a night where everyone could play and raise money.”

The Friday evening session plus Sunday open mic was hosted by The Dodgy Jammers, with donations from friends, family and businesses.

James Sasse, centre manager at Torridgeside Link Support Centre, said: “The donation is hugely appreciated by everyone who uses The Link and benefits from ideas and activities that the Bideford Users Group (BUG) can support through their funds.

“This cheque is another huge injection of money, donated in Kayla’s memory, and people here are determined to spend the funds in ways that they can imagine Kayla loving. The hard work of the ‘fundraising crew’ and generosity of everyone at The Joiners will help many people achieve in their lives.”