When Anna Wynne, 31, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis she ‘thought her life was over’ - until she decided to compete in her first bodybuilding competition.

A Bideford mum who thought her 'life was over' after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) has competed in her first body-building competition.

Anna Wynne, 31, was diagnosed with MS in March last year after being struck with shooting facial pains and numbness.

After a brain scan, the mum-of-three was told she had MS, and said: "I thought my life was over.

"I didn't think I would be able to do anything, I just thought I'd just end up in a wheelchair."

Anna Wynne competing in her first bikini competition.Anna Wynne competing in her first bikini competition.

Since her diagnosis, Anna's symptoms have included temporary blindness in one eye, losing the hearing in her left ear and losing some of the use of her right leg.

She had to undergo a form of chemotherapy in November, but a couple of months later she made a decision to compete in a bikini contest.

"I went to a meeting for people newly diagnosed with MS and they said healthy eating and exercise could benefit me," she said.

"I already went to the gym so I decided to take it a step further and compete in a bikini competition."

Anna Wynne undergoing chemotherapy for her MS.Anna Wynne undergoing chemotherapy for her MS.

Anna enlisted the help of a bikini prep coach and began her strict diet and training regime to get stage-ready.

"It's been really hard; I've had days when I've had to leave the gym because I've been in too much pain," said Anna.

"Or when my eye was really bad I had to just squeeze my eyes shut to get the reps in.

"When I had my chemotherapy I had to go into hospital and stop dieting for a few days, and I spent two weeks out of the gym.

"But doing shows takes my mind off of being unwell, it focuses me."

Anna's stage debut was on Saturday, April 22, at The Mr Pennine bodybuilding competition, where she placed fourth in her category.

She will be competing again on Sunday in the National Amateur Body-Builders' Association show on Sunday (April 30).

And although she says she can't wait to eat 'lots of food', Anna has got her sights set on future competitions too.

"I could sit around and just think about being ill and get worse, or I can push myself, keep busy and get on with things."