Bideford man arrested over mephedrone find

Police re-issue warnings over banned drug

POLICE have warned about the dangers of banned drug mephedrone following seizures in Bideford and Barnstaple.

The illegal synthetic stimulant, sometimes called “devil’s dust”, has been found during a number of street stop and searches, and is thought to be among substances recovered during raids on homes in both towns.

A 33-year-old Bideford man was arrested for possession of a class B drug and has been bailed until April 6.

Sgt Graham Thomas, a neighbourhood beat sergeant for Barnstaple, said some users of the drug were unaware of its physical dangers or the legal consequences.

“We have found this substance to have a very detrimental effect on a person’s health and anybody found in possession of mephedrone will be arrested and dealt with accordingly,” he added.

Mephedrone, which is thought to cause fits, anxiety and feelings of paranoia, was classified as an illegal substance in April last year.

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Police advise anyone needing more information about the drug to contact the FRANK drugs campaign on telephone 0800 77 66 00.

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