Bideford looking for jubilee suggestions

Bideford Town Council are hoping the public will help the decide how to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee

BIDEFORD Town Council is looking for suggestions from residents as to how the town should celebrate the Jubilee in June.

At Bideford Town Council meeting on Thursday, all the councillors agreed to form a working group to plan the celebrations for the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Many ideas were thrown around the Chamber, from lighting a beacon to firing cannons, but the Council are keen to hear the public’s ideas.

Cllr Peter Christie suggested that the council look back at what jubilee celebrations the town had held on previous years, mentioning that on one occasion the town had a carnival along the Torridge, where they Mayor arrived by gondola.

Cllr Christie suggested: “We are going through a tight economic situation. Should we be spending any money on this event at all when we are spending �40,000 on regenerating Jubilee Square?”

He added that for �65,000, the Council could have the whole of Jubilee Square and Cooper Street cobbled, which could be tied in as a mark of the jubilee itself.

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Heather Blackburn, Bideford town clerk, added that the Rotary Club was in the early stages of deciding what they will do for the jubilee, and Cllr David Howell said he would discuss the issue at the next Bideford 500 Club meeting.

A carnival, street party and lighting a beacon at the highest point in the town were all suggested by the council members.

Cllr Steve Clarke suggested that the public send their ideas and suggestions in to the town clerk, before the working group meets to discuss the event.

The Council agreed that the celebrations of the Olympic Torch passing through should be dealt with by Torridge Council, leaving Bideford Town Council free to focus on the jubilee.

The working group will meet next week to discuss the jubilee celebrations.

If you’ve got any suggestions on how Bideford can celebrate the jubilee weekend, you can email the town clerk on:

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