Work has finally begun to clear a landslide which happened in East-the-Water nearly six years ago.

The road at Chudleigh Fort has been blocked since the landslide on November 22, 2012 – some 1,735 days.

The ongoing road closure has been the subject of some contention, with town councillors blasting it ‘disgusting’ back in 2013, when it had only been closed for 13 months.

Now it appears work has started to remove the remainder of the 20 tonnes of earth which came crashing down.

It is understood discussions between Devon County Council and the land owner were the reason for the delay.

A Devon County Council spokesman said: “Work to make the bank safe and re-open the road started on site last Monday (17 September) and is expected to last around 10 weeks. The scheme is complex and involves the removal of damaged masonry wall, timber fencing and landslip debris. Parts of the slope will be regraded, and rock netting will be installed, secured by soil nails. A new masonry parapet wall and timber fence will also be constructed at the top of the slope.

“In order to carry out the work safely a lot of the work will be done using a specialist roped access contractor. For the safety of the public, there will be times when the road will be completely closed - including to pedestrians - while some of the work is carried out.”