A six-year-old girl from Bideford is undertaking her second charity hair cut next week.

Mollie Littlejohns is having her long locks chopped for the Little Princess Trust on March 16.

Three years ago Mollie also donated a long plait of her hair to the same charity, which makes wigs for young children.

Her mum Cindy Hilton said: “Mollie is such a caring and thoughtful young girl with the mindset of always helping others.

“Mollie’s hair is currently down to the middle of her back and she is having it cut to just an over her shoulders.

“Last time she had 13 inches of her hair. Mollie hopes that everyone will help her in anyway they can to help raise money for this amazing charity.”

Mollie will be having her hair cut with Hair by Jade Durant.

Donate on her fundraiser on Facebook at facebook.com/donate/323678164816754/