Bideford youngster donated her hair to charity when she had it cut in Bideford.

A four-year-old girl from Bideford has chopped her long hair off for charity.

Mollie Littlejohns donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for young children.

Her mum Cindy Hilton said: “Mollie turned four recently and has been wanting her hair cut for a long time.

“We finally decided she could have it done for her birthday and told her about the Little Princess Trust.

“She was so happy she could help other children by donating her hair.”

Mollie has also fund raised £200.

Cindy added: “Mollie makes us very proud parents, she couldn’t be more kind or happy. She is such a selfless little girl.

“She is so proud and wants to thank everyone who supported and sponsored her.

“We want to urge other parents to encourage their children to start early in charity and fundraising.”