Bideford firm delivers board to limbless veteran

A local transport firm has helped a charity deliver a windsurfing board to a limbless war veteran in Cumbria.

A WINDSURFING board has hitched a free lift to Kendall thanks to the kind gesture of a local transport firm.

Simon Dolphin, a volunteer for the charity Surf Action, was desperately ringing around to find someone to help transport the board up-country when Evans Transport in Bideford kindly agreed.

Surf Action was founded in 2009 to help war veterans who have lost limbs or suffered post-traumatic stress disorder in Cornwall, but is in the early stages of starting in North Devon.

The transport firm delivered the board to Darren Swift, known to his friends as ‘Swifty’, a veteran who lost both his legs and several fingers when the IRA dropped a coffee-jar bomb on him in 1991.

Mr Swift, who still actively participates in extreme sports, has always wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding and will modify the windsurfing board to suit his frame, as he does not wear prosthetic limbs.

Simon, who drove the board to Bideford from Bude, explained that the charity, which had helped Mr Swift try surfing, was in its infancy in North Devon.

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He said: “We are hoping to branch into this area; we are in the process of opening a camp in Bude and have made some contacts within the marine base at Chivenor.

“It was so kind of Evans Transport to agree to transport the board to Swifty, and I wish I could see his face when it arrives.”

Evans Bideford depot manager, Mike Symons, said: “It is a pleasure to be able to help this charity, and if they ever need anything else we will be happy to help them.”

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