DC Sam Napier has risked her life, secured one of the first honour-killing convictions and rescued a woman from a burning building in her 20 year career.

A NORTH Devon detective has received a long service and good conduct award from the chief constable.

Her career, which began with the Met Police, has included many highs and lows including risking her own life saving a woman from a burning building.

Detective constable Samantha Napier, who is based in Bideford, joined the police in 1993 and began her career in and around London.

During her time in London, DC Napier trained as a sexual offences investigator and her hard work was recognised when she was awarded officer of the year.

She then spent three years in a domestic violence unit, securing one of the country’s first convictions for an honour-based violent crime.

In 2002, DC Napier moved to Devon to be closer to her family and joined the Barnstaple response team.

But she wondered what she had let herself in for when she was assaulted three times in one week – more than her entire time in the Met.

After working as neighbourhood beat manager and moving the prisoner handling unit, DC Napier took her CID course which she completed successfully.

Her citation said: “On behalf of Samantha’s colleagues, friends and family we would like to thank her for all her hard work and dedication to the police service to date.”