A Bideford town councillor who commissioned a road safety mural on the side of her house has been told the artwork needs to be removed.

Kaye Corfe’s house in Old Town has had the artwork with the message ‘Kill your speed’ on the side of her house since September.

Ms Corfe and her husband Stewart Lansdale got local artist Jaz Rogers, also known as Allsoart Art, to do the artwork, which includes a mock-up of Disney racecar Herbie.

But now Torridge District Coucil (TDC) has told them to remove the mural, calling it a distraction for drivers.

The council has said the artwork breaches planning regulations, and has been deemed a miscellaneous advertisement.

The 'kill your speed' artwork by Jaz Rogers on the house in Old Town. Picture: Matt SmartThe 'kill your speed' artwork by Jaz Rogers on the house in Old Town. Picture: Matt Smart

The couple have been given 28 days to remove the artwork.

Ms Corfe said: “I don’t want to lose it because I don’t think it’s a distraction.

“I wouldn’t have put anything on the house that I thought would cause a risk – I’m actually trying to get rid of the risk.”

Mr Rogers has added more artwork to the house in recent weeks, with a mural depicting homelessness and the environment on the front of the house, and a petition has been set up calling for the speeding mural to be kept.

“The community has taken ownership over it,” Ms Corfe said.

“I’ve had parents stop me in the street about it and I’ve had kids stopping outside on their way to school to look at it and touch the butterflies – how beautiful is that?

“I’m a town councillor and I’m independent so I do things big. This issue is serious and it needed a big approach, so that’s what I’ve done.

“People are starting to slow down, but it’s getting that awareness out there.”

TDC’s letter said: “After consultation with Devon County Council Highways, senior planers and the development manager at Torridge District Council, the mural has been deemed to be a miscellaneous advert and therefore subject to the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements Regulations 2007.

“Unauthorised adverts can be harmful to the visual amenity and can be a distraction to drivers using the highway.

“In this case, DCC Highways have presented strong objections to the mural. It is their view it presents a distraction for drivers approaching the zebra crossing.

“For this reason, planning permission is likely to be refused for the mural.”