Harbour Bideford is looking to revamp its centre in Queen Street to help the homeless in Bideford.

A Bideford charity which works with the homeless is planning a £20,000 refurbishment.

Last year the Gazette reported how Harbour was looking to relocate from its Queen Street spot.

But chairman Roger Levick said: “The alternative premises either weren’t suitable, or people didn’t want us there.

“We had a re-think and thought this place is ideal, but the facilities we have are not.

“So we spoke to our landlord and asked if we could refurbish.”

Architect John Shardelow has designed the new layout for free, which includes an open-plan area downstairs and an office and interview cubicles upstairs.

Roger added: “If someone comes through the door they want food, clothes or advice.

“If we just give these out all the time we are just maintaining people’s position, but we want to progress.

“If just 10 per cent can move out of this situation then we have succeeded.”