The cattle market buildings in Bideford have been demolished – and could make way for a brand new sports hub.

The structures at the riverbank car park were deemed unsafe and were demolished in October.

And now plans are underway for the redevelopment for the site.

Councillor Jane Whittaker, leader of Torridge District Council (TDC), said: “The buildings on the cattle market site were demolished as they were becoming unsafe and were providing cover for antisocial behaviour.

“It also reflects the council’s intention to develop the site for the community and a report will be sent to community and resources in the near future outlining possible alternative uses for the plot, which may include an artificial pitch.”

The site has been the subject of some contention this year, as travellers pitched up there in June, less than 48 hours after councillors voted not to designate it a tolerated trespass site.

In February a report to the council’s community and resources committee outlined plans for the site to become part of a new £1.36million sports hub.

In the report, Steve Hearse, strategic manager for resources, outlined some of the council’s proposed capital programmes which could take place from 2017/18-2020/21.

This included plans to create a £1.014million Victoria Park Sports Hub in 2019/20, which could incorporate the cattle market.

At the time Cllr Whittaker said the plans were in the ‘very early stages’ and the sports hub development would be dependent upon section 106 money, paid by developers as part of the planning process.

Just a short distance away, plans to move Bideford skate park from Bank End to the Sports Ground are also underway.

Cllr Whittaker said: “The skate park project is progressing through the final stages of the planning process and we expect the contractors to be on site from January with a completion date in the spring.

“It’s great to see the progression of these projects which will create some fantastic outdoor facilities for the local community once they are finished.”

The £100,000 park will be built on redundant tennis courts and the council hopes it will become a ‘destination facility’.

The site has been designed with guidance from a steering group to allow users of all ages and abilities to use the area safely.