A 10-year-old asthmatic has taken to the streets of Bideford to protest against the poisoning of the atmosphere.

The 'Air that we grieve' protest on Bideford's Old Bridge. Picture: Tom WiersmaThe 'Air that we grieve' protest on Bideford's Old Bridge. Picture: Tom Wiersma

Jacob Egan from Woolsery was horrified when he discovered air pollution killed an estimated seven million people a year and so he resolved to do something about it.

Several members of his family belong to Extinction Rebellion, and so he suggested an action as part of XR's pre-election 'Twelve Days of Crisis' campaign.

The theme for Monday, December 9 is 'The Air We Grieve' and Jacob along with his family and other XR members took to the streets around Bideford's Old Bridge to 'grieve' the air they say is no longer safe.

They say they were protesting against the negligence of the government and to honour those lives that have been lost due to air pollution.

While North Devon has relatively clean air, they say others, such as those in London, are not so fortunate.

Jacob, who has asthma, said: "Clean air is the most basic thing that a person needs, if we can't even have that then I don't know how humans will survive."

The group will also attend Torridge District Council's meeting in the evening where the possibility of introducing electric taxis in the area is being discussed.