ILFRACOMBE Town Council is to re-apply for grant cash to help renovate shop fronts in the High Street.

Councillors agreed last night (Monday) night to seek European funding via the Leader 4 project for a £145,000 refurbishment project to brighten up some of the buildings, in keeping with conservation area requirements.

The council applied for the funding last November, but was unsuccessful and before it could reapply the grant pot was no longer available.

If successful this time the £15,000 it had previously earmarked for the scheme will again be put towards it.

It would pay for Stages 1 and 2 of the High Street Regeneration Project - the first stage would establish guidelines as to how the street should look, in keeping with its listed architecture and the kind of signage permitted.

Stage 2 would enable shop front owners to apply for a maximum of £2,500 in match funding to improve and refurbish their frontage in accordance with these guidelines.

It is hoped 24 shop fronts could be renovated if the funding bid were successful.