Biblical truths

Sir, I was so sorry to read the letter from Helen Rimmer, of Bideford and her attack on Pastor Evans.

It was ill thought out in my opinion. Helen asks a number of questions to which she believes there is no answer because she herself has no answers.

I would be happy to discuss her questions and give her rational and logical answers although I am sure she would not want to listen.

As far as evolution is concerned, there are more scientists who believe in a Creator than in evolution which begins with a belief in nothing and goes on to use fickle, unproven theories rather than demonstrable Bible truths.

The Bible has shown that it is completely reliable by archeological findings, historical, and various other studies.

I expect that Helen, like many, find attacking the only way for them as they have never read the Bible or listened to a preacher of the gospel.

I would recommend that a visit to hear the Pastor preach with an open mind and heart would be a benefit to many who are floundering in this age of uncertainty and fear.

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Gilbert Cozens (Dr)


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