Beware the litter threat

I would like to congratulate the person or persons who have been putting signs up opposite Atlantic Village asking that we save the woods from development and to say no to McDonald’s and its litter.

I for one would like to say well done.

After going to Atlantic Village to view the plans for the proposed new development myself and asking about the litter that McDonald’s will cause, as they always do, I was told that they will have three dedicated litter pickers.

Doesn’t that just show how much rubbish is going to be floating around Bideford and the surrounding areas?

At the moment we get McDonald’s rubbish turning up in Bideford and the nearest place that it comes from is nine miles away.

You may also want to watch:

What about all the rubbish that is going to end up in our countryside or river system – are they going to find and pick that up as well? (I don’t think so!)

What a stupid plan this is – to rip down a woodland and concrete over it. Come on Bideford, stop these woods from being lost forever.

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R Miller


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