Walkers warned to take care on the Tarka Trail between Saltrock and police station

Walkers in Braunton have been warned to beware of a large swarm of wasps on the Tarka Trail.

Braunton Community News reported on its Facebook page warning people to keep clear of the area of land near the Tesco footbridge.

Children, dogs and walkers had been stung in the past few days, it said.

Jordan Darch posted on Facebook: “There’s a wasp nest between police station and Saltrock on the Tarka Trail in the opening, be careful 2x dogs have just been covered and stung!”

Cheryl Morgan also posted on a Facebook sales group saying she and her dog were stung several times.

Craig Webber posted: “My dog and daughter were stung also.”

If you are stung, information on treatment can be found on the NHS website.