Bideford is the second most popular choice for holiday destinations in October half term, according to a holiday rentals company.

New data from Holiday Lettings, a TripAdvisor company, revealed the town is the second best spot in the UK for a half-term break.

Holiday Lettings analysed millions of traveller reviews on its sites to identify the top 10 list of UK spots perfect for an October half-term break.

In a blog post, Holiday Lettings suggests the town is perfect for families, as ‘there is plenty to do.’

Laurel Greatrix, spokesperson for Holiday Lettings, said holidaymakers planning an October half-term getaway to Bideford can expect great value when booking holiday rentals.

“Rentals are fantastic options for a place to stay during holidays,” said Laurel.

“Booking a rental lets travellers enjoy the comforts and amenities of home, like extra space, living rooms, and kitchens while on holiday.”

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