Ben’s walk of faith

Trainee priest relies on generosity of strangers to complete his challenge

TRAINEE priest Ben Bradshaw has set out on a walk of faith to raise money for the people of Zimbabwe.

He started the 322-mile walk from the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield in West Yorkshire on Monday bound for Buckfast Abbey, which he hopes to reach on July 25.

But this is not just another fund-raising event. Ben has taken nothing with him. He will be completely reliant upon strangers for money, food and accommodation.

Ben, 25, who comes from Ilfracombe, is hoping to raise aid for the refugees at Tongogara in Zimbabwe and the disabled residents of Mutemwa settlement also in Zimbabwe.

After visiting both places last year, he heard the horrific experiences the people had endured – including witnessing loved ones being murdered. Their faith is very important to them and has got them through tough times.

The Mutemwa settlement cares for more than 60 patients. They only have one building to worship in. However, it is too small and is falling down.

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The refugees at Tongogara are vulnerable, without shelter and incredibly poor. The church that is being built will also be used as a community centre, allowing for the children at Tongogara to get a better education and give them the best possible chance of a future.

Ben aims to raise �25,000 from the walk. Donations can be made via

Ben said “I have a big target to reach which is why I am doing such a challenging walk. However, if we can raise it, then we will have made a huge difference to the lives of some of the very poorest people on earth. On my walk I will experience the reality of the Gospel.

“l will not be taking any money at all with me on my journey; I will be completely dependent on God and the kindness of strangers.”

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