Beats Workin’ in Barnstaple has had to pack away the outdoor tables and chairs at its’ Queen Street coffee shop.

The Beats Workin' coffee shop in Barnstaple's Queen Street.The Beats Workin' coffee shop in Barnstaple's Queen Street.

The owner of a Barnstaple coffee and skate shop has been 'blown away' by the public's response after being told he can't put tables and chairs outside his premises.

A planning mix-up meant that Glenn Field, owner of Beats Workin' in Queen Street, has been forced to remove the outdoor furniture after finding out the pavement outside his shop belonged to Devon County Council - not his landlord.

The 36-year-old posted on Facebook on Thursday asking for customers to 'get a coffee and show some love' while he applies for planning permission and a street café license.

The public duly responded, with the post shared more than 150 times and providing Glenn with 'one of the busiest mornings for years'.

He said: "We've had letters of support from almost everyone in the street about the tables and chairs and saying that they bring health and vitality to the street.

"I was touched. The shop has built some really nice relationships since we started it, and we are friends with almost everyone in the street."

The coffee and skate hardware shop opened in 2015, running alongside the Beats Workin' clothes shop, which was set up in 2003.

Glenn is now faced with an eight-to-12-week wait while his applications get processed, and fears that period may harm trade at the Queen Street shop.

"We've been busy because of Facebook, but we can't maintain that publicity all the time," he said.

"30 per cent of our trade is walk up appointments. I have been in business for 14 years and I know what it takes to do this sort of thing.

"I know without tables and chairs outside it wouldn't look like a coffee shop.

"We need the tables and chairs out as a point of sale as much as anything else."

Glenn said it would be 'unfair' for the shop to turn their frustrations towards the council for the mix-up.

He added: "When we first opened, we contacted all the relevant people we needed to contact.

"As far as we were concerned all the boxes had been ticked. We and the landlord were under the impression that up to the posts in the floor was our land."