Hen welfare charity urges pancake chefs to go free range and make a donation at the same time

Be a flipping good egg and make use of free range eggs on Pancake Day today (Tuesday).

The British Hen Welfare Trust is encouraging the nation to use free range eggs in its pancakes this Shrove Tuesday and take part in a fundraiser to help save hens.

Simply invite your friends and family to eat your delicious pancakes and ask them for a small donation in return.

The national charity based near South Molton is well-known for its work in re-homing commercial laying hens and through its nationwide team of 450-plus volunteers has found homes for more than half a million hens since hatching in 2005.

As well as finding homes for hens, the charity also educates the public on how they can make a difference to hen welfare through their shopping basket and eating habits.

Foudner Jane Howorth MBE, said: “While consumers will often choose to buy free range eggs to use in cooking, they are unaware of how many eggs are used in processed food products.

“So if you are buying a pancake mix, do make sure it is free range.”

The charity is encouraging people to check the labels on food products to make sure they are supporting higher welfare standards where eggs are used.

* If you’d like to donate, email fiona.lockwood@bhwt.co.uk or call the charity at Hen Central on 01884 860084.