A project to compile a ‘vision’ for Barnstaple’s development is being put to North Devon Council next week.

The Barnstaple Town Centre Vision will see a consultant procured to develop an ‘over-arching vision’ for the town centre, and ensure the many pieces of regeneration and development work taking place or scheduled compliment it.

It is thought the document, which will cost £30,000 to prepare, will make it easier to draw funding bids from other areas.

The council’s executive is being recommended to set aside £20,000 to cover the cost of preparing the document, when it meets on Monday. The money will come from developer contributions from the Anchorwood Bank development. Historic England is set to add a further £10,000.

A report explaining the vision to the council’s executive said: “These projects and future development and regeneration need to be co-ordinated.

“In order to do this we require a vision for the wider town centre to show inter-relationship of projects and details about how they complement each other.

“This will enable us to set out more clearly our aims for the future of Barnstaple and provide a framework to integrate better the various projects underway, and any other town centre projects that will be required in the future.”