The victim of a knife attack in a supermarket car park asked: ‘Why me? What have I done?’ after he was stabbed, Exeter Crown Court heard this morning (Tuesday).

Lee Turner was killed by four blows from a Spiderman-branded throwing knife as he walked away from the Tesco Extra store in Barnstaple with two bottles milk he had just bought.

Paranoid schizophrenic Kevin Gale is alleged to have carried out the attack in broad daylight after following 39-year-old Mr Turner across the car park.

The attack was captured on CCTV footage from the filling station but it only showed the legs of the two people involved.

Tesco worker Aaron Baggaley, who saw the killing as he walked home after a shift, said it looked at first as if Gale had patted the other man on the back.

He only realised what had happened when he saw blood gushing from wounds in Mr Turner’s back.

He heard him say: “Why me? What have I done?” before he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Gale, aged 50, of Rackfield Court, Barnstaple, has been deemed unfit to plead at Exeter Crown Court and is currently being treated at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish.

He is accused of murder but not present at the trial.

Judge Peter Johnson has told the jury they will have to decide whether he carried out the act rather than to decide on his guilt or innocence.

The prosecution say Gale was suffering from delusions and paranoia as a result of losing touch with the mental health services and not taking his medication.

They say he followed Mr Turner across the car park and killed him near the filling station before dumping the knife close to the Costa Coffee outlet.

The knife was one of a set of three Spiderman branded weapons, the other two of which were found hidden in speakers at Gale’s flat.

Major crime investigation officer Peter Gartrell played a compilation of CCTV clips to the jury, which included one from the filling station which may show the killing itself.

The relevant action takes place in a small section on the top right hand corner of the screen and only showed the legs of those involved.

The footage shows a man wearing the same distinctive silver boots as Gale approaching another man, thought to be the victim Mr Turner, at speed from behind.

Mr Turner can be seen falling to the floor before the legs of a third man come into the picture. He can be seen trying to help Mr Turner to his feet.

Other CCTV clips showed Mr Turner arriving at Tesco bare-chested and leaving with two bottles of milk, passing Gale as he crossed the road outside the store as he entered.

A camera in the foyer of the shop captured Gale entering, then stopping, removing something from his rucksack, then leaving again.

He was seen hurrying across the car park after Mr Turner and the next footage is the clip from the filling station.

CCTV from the town centre monitoring system and shops picked up Gale several times as he walked from the Tesco store in Station Road, across the Long Bridge, and through Barnstaple.

He is clearly identifiable by his silver ‘glam rock’ boots, long black and yellow socks, dark shorts and singlet, and bright blue bandana.

The last sighting was in Boutport Street, close to his home.

The jury were also shown a body map showing the injuries to Mr Turner. One passed right through the fleshy part of the shoulder, the other three went through the ribs into the lungs and other vital organs.

The officer who arrested Gale said he did not engage with police and behaved strangely when armed officers broke down his door.

Gale was arrested shortly before 3am on August 3 after members of his family identified a CCTV image which was shown on the local news just four hours after the killing.

His flat was entered after he refused to allow police in and he then dodged between two doorways either side if a passage.

PC Marks said: “He was staring at us and walking from one side of the corridor to the other, pointing at us. He was not using words but hummed or made child like shrieks.

“I reached out, grabbed his right arm, and pulled him towards me. He was very compliant. He was arrested on suspicion of murder at 2.55am.”

Read the full report from day one of the hearing yesterday (Monday) here.

The trial continues.