Barnstaple teenager joins global campaign

Isabel, 18, at international Oxfam protest in London against land grabbing.

A BARNSTAPLE teenager has joined an international protest in London to campaign against ‘land grabbing’ in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Isabel Turner, 18, took part in the global launch of a new Oxfam campaign outside Westminster against what the charity says is an uncontrolled rush for land, which pushes millions of small farmers around the world off their land and into the spiral of hunger.

The former Petroc student is on a gap year after completing her A levels and is also a member of the Oxfam South West Youth Board.

“An area of land the size of Devon is being sold to foreign investors nearly every day in poor countries,” she said.

“Land is a vital part of the world’s food system and the fact it is being taken away from those who rely on it the most is evidence this system is broken and failing the millions of people who go to bed hungry each night.

“Land grabbing is a violation of their human rights, taking away the one thing they rely on most to feed themselves.”

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It follows a new report released by Oxfam called ‘Our Land, Our Lives’, that says land eight times the size of the UK was sold off globally in the last decade, enough to grow food for a billion people.

It is calling on the World Bank to temporarily freeze its agricultural investments in land so it can review its advice to developing countries, help set standards for investors and introduce more robust policies to help stop land-grabs.

“By fixing the world’s broken food system, we can fulfil the capacity to provide for everyone,” said Isabel.

“After the Oxfam protest in London I am going to take the campaign to the people of Barnstaple and Devon and work with them to put pressure on UK Government.”

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