Barnstaple is among a number of towns that will benefit from a £5billion investment in local transport, the Prime Minister has announced

Boris Johnson said the investment in bus and bicycle transport would include new zero-carbon buses on the roads of Barnstaple and 'dramatic improvements' to daily journeys.

The announcement came as Mr Johnson confirmed HS2, the long-proposed high-speed link between London, the midlands and later the North, would go ahead.

Mr Johnson said a full announcement on the self-proclaimed 'transport revolution' would come in the Chancellor of the Exchequer's budget next month.

"We are embarking now on a massive programme of investment in local transport, starting with a record-breaking £5 billion of new investment in buses and bicycles," said Mr Johnson.

"That investment will mean bus passengers across the country seeing a dramatic improvement in their daily journeys, with more than 4,000 brand-new buses—zero-carbon, British-built buses—on the roads of places such as Ashfield, Barnstaple, Southampton, Manchester and many more towns and cities besides.

"There will be more services, including in the evenings and weekends, as well as simpler, cheaper and more convenient ticketing and properly designed priority schemes to speed passengers past the traffic jams.

"It is an investment that will also mean cyclists enjoying hundreds of miles of brand-new separated lanes, with 'mini-Hollands' blooming like so many tulips in towns and cities right across the country."