Kim Jackson from Northam is taking on a sponsored silence for the Over and Above cancer wellbeing centre appeal throughout her shift at the Roundswell store this Friday (September 1)

A cancer survivor is aiming to keep her mouth shut throughout an entire shift at Sainsbury’s in Barnstaple tomorrow (Friday) to raise money for the Over and Above well being centre appeal.

Kim Jackson, 58, from Northam, admits she ‘is a yapper’ but is determined to keep her lips sealed with a sponsored silence during her working day between 1-9pm in the store bakery.

She hopes as many people as possible will go along and see her to offer encouragement and perhaps make a donation.

Kim and her son Adam were devastated in February 2016 when she lost her husband Pat, then two months later she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She had an operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, finishing treatment in December.

Now she is in remission and was keen to get back to work as soon as possible.

Kim has been raising as much money as she can ever since and said: “I want to try and put something back that I took out and I can now relate to all my customers who were or are cancer patients.

“The staff at Barnstaple and Exeter were brilliant, absolutely marvellous, I can’t fault them at all.”

Kim said her employers at Sainsbury’s had been hugely supportive, though her ‘vow of silence’ was going to be challenging. She said: “It is going to be difficult, because I am a yapper, but I was trying to think of something a bit different I could do. All my colleagues are going to try and wind me up, I know they are!”

Over and Above has launched a £1.5million appeal for a new cancer and wellbeing centre in Barnstaple that will provide support to cancer patients including advice, therapies and counselling.

Kim said: “When this came up, I thought what a good idea. Especially for somebody on their own it must be terrible – I have my family but it must be awful for them.

“Adam has been my rock and he has seen me at my worst as well. I think that’s what gave me the fight; he had lost his dad, so I was going to beat this whatever happened.”

**** Shoppers are invited to go along and see Kim at the Sainsbury’s bakery tomorrow (Friday) to see how she is sticking to her vow of silence.