Hyundai given sticky note treatment in act of neighbourly friendship

The sticky note-covered car in Barnstaple.The sticky note-covered car in Barnstaple.

Anyone driving through Barnstaple this afternoon (Friday) may have had their head turned by a unique looking car.

A car in Bedford Street covered in green, yellow and pink sticky notes would have been visible to anyone driving along Belle Meadow Road.

The practical joke was the work of Kayleigh Lock, Jamie Curnow and Martin Davies, a group of friends making a bid to cheer up their neighbour.

"He said as long as we take it off it's fine," said 27-year-old Jamie.

Kayleigh Lock and Jamie Curnow with the sticky note-covered car.Kayleigh Lock and Jamie Curnow with the sticky note-covered car.

The group attracted plenty of attention as they went to work on the Hyundai, with passers-by beeping, taking pictures and even receiving help sticking notes on.

"Barnstaple needs brightening up," said Kayleigh, also 27 years old.

"You see so much stuff in the news and we need something cheery, and how often does something look this happen around here?"