The son of a pensioner who was injured in an alleged hit and run after the Barnstaple Remembrance service says he could easily have been killed.

The man in his 80s, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking along Park Lane after the service on Sunday, November 10 at around 12.10pm when he stopped to remonstrate with the driver of a speeding car.

It is alleged the driver turned his vehicle around and drove it straight back at the OAP, in his son's words 'hammering him into the wall', before driving off.

The victim suffered multiple cuts and bruises, losing some skin from his legs as he was dragged about four feet along the wall, according to his son, who has been speaking to the Gazette.

He said: "You can imagine someone maybe clouting him out the window in the moment but to drive down the road, spin around and then drive into him, the intent is so scary.

"He could have killed him, it could quite easily have happened."

Police have issued an appeal for any witnesses who saw a small black car driven by a white man in his 30s with dark hair, either before or after the incident, to get in touch. It is likely to have a damaged wing mirror.

The victim's son told the Gazette the car had been driving 'really fast' and his father had stopped it and asked the driver if he realised it was a 20mph zone, with people walking back from the Remembrance service at Rock Park.

The man did a 'crazy three-point turn, skidded everywhere and drove back'.

The son said he would like to say a big thank you to the many people who stopped to help his father, particularly a former Royal Marine who stopped to assist, as well as a doctor and nurse who came from nearby.

He added: "It's just incredible there were no bones broken, or worse."

Anyone who has any details about the vehicle or can recall the number plate is asked to contact police by emailing or calling 101, quoting crime reference CR/101769/19.

*** Did you stop to help the victim? The family would like to pass on their thanks privately. Please email or call 01271 345056.