A Barnstaple woman has threatened to block a busy residential area if vehicles continue to use it as a rat run.

Forches Avenue in Barnstaple.Forches Avenue in Barnstaple.

Deborah Nutt says traffic in Barnstaple is cutting through Forches Avenue rather than sit in traffic along Eastern Avenue.

Drivers are able to bypass the main road by going via Barton Road, Wilshere Road and Greenbank Road before joining Forches Avenue, and the route is suggested by mapping systems when traffic is busy.

Ms Nutt, who lives in Forches Avenue, said traffic is 'constant', with some of the vehicles passing through even causing damage to residents' vehicles.

The 57-year-old said residents may even resort to blocking the road if traffic continues to cause chaos through the residential street.

Deborah Nutt says traffic travelling along Forches Avenue is hitting parked cars in the residential area.Deborah Nutt says traffic travelling along Forches Avenue is hitting parked cars in the residential area.

She said: "Why should we put up with our cars being smashed and trashed?

"They're using a residential estate as a cut through.

"The speed limit is supposed to be 20 miles per hour and they far exceed that.

"We are parked on the corner of the avenue because we've got nowhere else to park, and they come up Greenbank Road at such speed that cars come together, veer off and go into our cars instead of going into each other.

"We have had physical fights out there from grown men out there effing and jeffing.

"My son bought himself a car and in the first week he had it, it has been smashed into and someone has driven off, so his insurance premium is either going to be sky high or he has got to find the money to fix it himself."

Ms Nutt said 11 nearby houses with cars have had their vehicles damaged.

Marc Rostock, director of neighbourhoods at North Devon Homes, said: "We have met with a resident who has raised a concern regarding how traffic is travelling through Forches to explain who has both the responsibility and opportunity to influence road layout and design and to clarify that this is not something that we can directly control.

"We have raised the issue with the relevant authority on behalf of our customers and would encourage anybody driving to do so safely and to be mindful of others."

Devon County Council told the Gazette it would monitor the traffic situation between Barton Road and Forches Avenue.