Cllr Julie Hunt is appealing for her purse, which had photos of great sentimental value in it, to be returned

Barnstaple's mayor has appealed for the return of her purse after it was stolen at a memorial service for a homeless man.

Councillor Julie Hunt had her purse taken during at the service for Alex Munnerley at the Grosvenor Church last week.

Mrs Hunt said she did not wish to press charges, or even find out who took it, but wished to have the purse back due to the sentimental items inside it.

She said: "I thought it was the most wonderful service going. It was most beautiful and I felt it went really, really well.

"It's a shame that from something beautiful, it ended with my purse going missing.

"I am not concerned about where it went and how, but it has got photos of my grandchildren in it which are of great sentimental value.

"There are personal items in it and if anyone finds it, please hand it in to the nearest shop or bank where it can be returned with no more questions asked.

"I know Alex would be horrified to think that something like that happened at his memorial."