Barnstaple man given five year ASBO for harassing neighbours

Steven Metters is now the subject of a five year ASBO granted by North Devon Magistrates' Court.

Steven Metters is now the subject of a five year ASBO granted by North Devon Magistrates' Court. - Credit: Archant

Steven Metters, 44, was granted the ASBO after harassing his neighbours and intimidating women in Barnstaple.

A BARNSTAPLE man has been given a five-year ASBO after subjecting his neighbours to threats and abuse for 15 years.

Steven Metters, 44, of Grieg Drive, Barnstaple, had plagued his neighbours with silent phone calls and assaulted one of them.

There had also been complaints from women who had been approached, harassed and intimidated by him in Barnstaple over a number of years.

One woman had been approached by him more than 20 times over a ten year period, and another woman was so intimidated by him she nicknamed him ‘her stalker’.

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She pointed him out to everyone she knew as he became increasingly persistent and shouted at him to go away on one occasion.

Metters denied the allegations made but agreed that his behaviour was antisocial, and magistrates granted an ASBO for five years from December 17.

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Julie Windsor, who was Metters’ neighbour, was present at the hearing and stated: “I am relieved that we have this result.

“Hopefully now, our family can get on with our lives free from intimidation from Steven.”

The ASBO states Metters must not use threatening or abusive language, words or behaviour in a public place.

He also must not follow or approach any female in a public place in a manner which would cause harassment alarm and distress.

The ASBO also named a number of his neighbours who he must not approach, threaten or intimidate (including staring) or communicate with.

WPC Anna Fielding, who was the officer in the case said: “This is a really good result. Thank you to all those who gave statements in support of this application.

“The application was necessary to protect the public from Steven Metter’ unacceptable behaviour, which he has displayed over a number of years.”

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